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July 3, 2024
Project Overview: Zzpwebgemak is a pioneering platform developed by Bas and Jonathan, seasoned professionals with extensive experience in the website industry. Recognizing the limitations of traditional website development, Zzpwebgemak offers a comprehensive solution where businesses can access ready-made websites with customizable features, industry-specific functionalities, and robust content management capabilities. Why Choose Us: Zzpwebgemak redefines website […]

Pilot: Nearly 8,000 free visitors

During Black Friday 2017, the website received almost 8,000 free visitors from Google.
A nice pilot and a pleasant result given the minimal efforts that had been put into this project so far.
A positive surprise for us and an incentive to at least double the number of visitors the following year. But what do we actually gain from visitors to this website?

Affiliate income
The income comes from sales made with our partners through.
DIw receives a commission as an affiliate. This can vary from 1% of the order amount on electronics to as much as 15% on clothing and shoes.

2018: 166% growth in one year

Due to the confirmation that the website can generate passive income in the longer term, more time and energy was invested in 2018.  Up to this point, not a single euro has been invested besides time.

A major step was taken in 2018, especially in content creation. In addition to the well-known electronics stores, other well-known stores have also been added to the website.  Think of Decathlon, Nike and Pandora.


Time Taking Process
Difficult Client Management
Task Management Challenges
Managing Inventory
Less Opportunity To Market The Services

Unique, smart approach:

We started focusing on so-called ‘long-tail’ keywords. These are search terms that are a bit longer and often have less competition. To ensure that we not only welcome visitors to the website, but also visitors who are ready to shop with our partners, we have mainly published content around products and deals.

By shifting the focus from stores to products, we saw the conversion rate increase enormously in 2019. You can imagine that a search query such as: ‘Chromecast Black Friday’ has a higher chance of a conversion than a search term such as ‘Black Friday’ itself. And this applies: the higher the conversion rate, the more commission we receive.

122.12% growth in traffic.
This approach continued to grow rapidly in 2019. To be precise 122.12% in free traffic. In addition to the fact that we had grown enormously in traffic, we also earned more than 200% more commission by focusing on conversion-oriented search terms.

High Level Features Of Pocket Booking

Dedicated Dashboards

Admin, User, Partner
Accessible Interface
Users Management
Self registration for users

Benefits For Clients

Staff tracking
Client Management
Mobile and Web Application

Users Advantages

Home based services
In-app communication module
Payment gateway integration
Choose multiple salons services in an appointment
Parents authorization for Children

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